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Live subtitles meets live events.

Text on Tap Closed Captions encoder

Text on Tap introduction

Text on Tap is the streaming platform of Text on Top. Where Text on Top is created to work on-site where the event takes place, Text on Tap allows remote viewers/participants to access the event. Examples of events are conferences, in church, at a funeral, (online) classes, (online) meetings, etc...

Online meetings by nature have a very low latency. Therefor the various solutions offered by Text on Tap are perfect to visualize the captions in real-time. However, events that are streamed via platforms like Twitch, Wowza, Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, ... have a latency of for example 10 seconds. This makes it harder to synchronize the captions. Additionally, these platforms offer Closed Captions in their players, allowing the users to optionally show captions. This is a convenient feature for the viewers.

The challenge is to ingest the live-produced captions into the video stream... that's where this Text on Tap Closed Captions encoder comes into play!

Text on Tap Closed Captions encoder

This Text on Tap Closed Captions encoder is a relay server that does several things:
Other key features are:
This image shows how the system works. It does not cover all features as that would make the picture too hard to read.

Text on Tap CC schematic representation Click to enlarge.

Demo portal

For testing purposes there is a special demo portal. You can configure it to stream to your target plaform (like Twitch, Wowza, Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, ...).
Of course you need to stream a video to this Text on Tap Closed Captions server. In order to do so, configure your live streaming software (OBS, vMix,...) with these values:
   Server URL: rtmp://livestream.text-on-tap.live/livein
   Stream key: 12345678-abcd-efgh-ijkl-123456789000

Open demo portal

Be aware that any configuration (stream keys!) you enter in the demo portal may be seen by others!